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Fast Travel And Rest Cause Crash (Main Quest)


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#1 Babilfrenzo


Posté 27 février 2013 - 05:50

I am running DaggerfallSetup (all the unofficial quests and fixes installed) on a Dell Inspiron, running Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) and I am having an issue with one of the main quests. After I accept the The Emperor's Courier quest (S0000012), I can no longer fast travel to places. Whenever I fast travel to a place, it causes the game to freeze at arrival. I checked my other save files, and fast travel is still working on those.

After I discovered this bug, I edited my x,y,z-location using a hex-editor to the town I needed to go to, but this only seems to have caused resting (loitering, as well as actual rest) to stop functioning, so I am unable to easily wait the three days necessary to potentially complete the quest and see if it fixes the bug.

EDIT: I have played with the save files I have, and it seems that it might actually be the The Werebeast (S0000007) causing these errors. In every file where I have The Werebeast accepted, Fast Travel eventually breaks (usually in one or two trips.) In every file were I complete the The Werebeast, resting breaks immediately (so this was not actually a result of my use of the hex-editor to change my location.)

EDIT 2: It seems that The Werebeast never disappears from my quest-log, even after I talk to Cyndassa.

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