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Laptop Game Screen Too Large


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#1 AusraRoze


Posté 20 octobre 2015 - 15:47

Okay, I think I'm doing this right now. I can get Daggerfall to open after setting it up, but the screen is too large for my small laptop /and/ when I go to left click on start game nothing happens. Yet when I click on the opening screen it does skip the opening sequence (I think, I'm not sure if there is an opening sequence before the title screen) or goes to the main screen anyway. I'm not sure if this is because of the screen resolution or because I'm not using a mouse.

And because of that I'll ask this right now: is it possible to play Daggerfall without a mouse? (My laptop has one of those built in mouse 'pads' with the little bar below it, use the left side it's left click, right side right click.) I'm guessing this could be why it's doing this, but I'm not sure.

(Also, is there an option to translate all the site text to english? I don't know any french and just some spanish so it's rather hard for me to navigate this site)

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#2 Timalk-Ae


    PoneyMaster !

Posté 20 octobre 2015 - 18:52

I don't have any clue concerning your specific problem, but you can change the language of this website to English by going to the very bottom of the page, where it's written:

Changer le thème... Français... Marquer le communauté comme lue

Click on "Français" and change to English in the drop-down menu.

Best of luck

#3 Ancestral Ghost

Ancestral Ghost

    Chasseur furtif

Posté 21 octobre 2015 - 17:59


Please, can you give more informations about your configuration (Screen resolution by example).

Daggerfall should work with any peripheral recognized as mouse by Windows.

#4 AusraRoze


Posté 05 décembre 2015 - 06:25

Of the things I changed-


#5 Ancestral Ghost

Ancestral Ghost

    Chasseur furtif

Posté 05 décembre 2015 - 12:21

The game screen size is 640x480.
The actual "scaler" is "normal2x", this set the screen to 1280x960, and this is larger than your screen.

Try to set "Fullresolution" to "original" (or "800x600", the game is 4:3 ratio) and "scaler" to "none".

With "original", you will have a 640x480 Daggerfall in center of your screen. "800x600" may set the game full height of your screen, but pixels will be interpolated and the image may be in worse quality.

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