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Game Crash After Character Creation

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#1 AusraRoze


Posté 05 décembre 2015 - 07:16

It's happened twice now. I've noticed the audio for the cut scenes after it is funky, but the audio is pretty much like that for me anyway. The frame rate for those scenes is also slow, so I just skipped past them. I don't know if any of those issues are connected to it crashing though as it just goes out of the game screen and then the "tabs" for the game and dosbox close.

#2 Ancestral Ghost

Ancestral Ghost

    Chasseur furtif

Posté 05 décembre 2015 - 12:05


I tried to reproduce your problem without succes. I'll need more informations for help you (Components installed, Your PC configuration, ...)

#3 Arveris


Posté 01 octobre 2019 - 01:54

I am having a similar problem, whenever I try to make a character it crashed after the intro screen. I tried Alt+Entering out before, Running Administrator, and Removed Files from Program Files. Ive tried following the troubleshooting, any help? Thanks.

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