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Dosbox Pure Daggerfallsetup

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#1 wargex


Posté 24 mars 2021 - 22:47

Hi sorry for using english as it's the only language I know.

I was wondering with the release of DOSBox Pure with RetroArch if there is or could be plans to make a compiled release with all the extra mods/quests/bug fixes/patches to be easily launched through DOSBox Pure. It's very confusing for me to setup and you've made a great installation process that works for windows 10 making the game much more widely accessible to many people. Making a DOSBox Pure would make it even more accessible to Windows, Mac, Linux, and even Android systems, basically any system that can run RetroArch with DOSBox Pure.

I did notice that someone who has installed Daggerfall had a bit of trouble with Daggerfall needing to not be launched with C: drive. But apparently the fix is easy to apply by renaming [.ZIP] to [.D.ZIP] I'm just not good with understanding what all fixes to apply (or how to apply) to have your release work for DOSBox Pure. This is a link to the said discussion about the issue someone was having.

DOSBox Pure is still underdevelopment, but it's coming along great and is already publicly released. I hope you'll consider making a pre-patched Daggerfall release for it Also it's okay to speak in the language you prefer, as I can have it auto translated, to get the gist of your replies, even if the translation isn't perfect or anything.

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