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Daggerfallsetup System Requirements

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#1 Melqar


Posté 13 novembre 2020 - 11:55

* Sorry for posting it in English but I learned mon Francais at school loooong ago and now it is in very bad form :)

Hi to all.

I'm an oldgamerosaurus and I'm using WinXP on my gaming PC. I tried to install DaggerfallSetup but it says "it's not Win-32 program" that usually means this software has been made with some higher versions of .NET or Visual C++ incompatible with WinXP or it's 64-bit only.

Am I correct, and is there any way to run it on XP machine?

Though I do have GOG Daggerfall version, DFSetup seems more convenient with incorporated patches, fixes and so on.

Thanks in advance.

#2 Elenwel


    Granny Smith Wiwi

Posté 14 novembre 2020 - 11:50

Hi !

Sadly, the framewortk used to build this installer (Inno Setup) has deprecated Windows XP for a few years now (and frankly it's may not be a good idea to use xp as your host operating system, it's a very old software and it is deprecated for many years now :) ) ...
However, you may try to build your own installer (or rip contents) from our source files:

I hope it will help you :)

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