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A Minor Bug (?) In Daggerfallsetup

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Posté 20 septembre 2020 - 11:10

Hi!  In the 2.16 installer there seems to be a file name mismatch.  The installer runs ClearInstall.bat which ends in
Del Install.bat && exit
which is supposed to delete this very file.  However, to accomplish this it should read
Del ClearInstall.bat && exit
(or maybe even better, del %0 && exit).  Actually I haven't run the installer, just browsed through its script, so it's probable it works perfectly and the above is a mistake on my part in which case I apologise. :)

#2 Elenwel


    Granny Smith Wiwi

Posté 23 septembre 2020 - 18:32

Hi ! Reading the script it seems to be bugged yes :) Just to be sure, I asked Daneel, who is maintaining the PFD (and may be this installer too). He should have a better understanding on this topic.

Voir le messageD.A.D., le 29 avril 2013 - 21:21, dit :

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#3 Daneel53


Posté 25 septembre 2020 - 14:38


You are perfectly right, sir ! A very old error that has no impact on the game, neither on the uninstallation, but an error anyway !

I will fix that and put on line a new DaggerfallSetup. I will benefit of this new release to change very minor things, as a default launch of Daggerfall through Dosbox in windowed mode and not full screen, because due to the resolution of PC screens today, to launch an old 640x480 game in full screen is scary. Those who still want to play in native resolution and full screen will just have to change an option in the file DosboxDaggerfall.conf. :D

DaggerfallSetup was updated to version 2.16.1. :cool:

Modifié par Daneel53, 25 septembre 2020 - 14:39.

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