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#1 Winstead1996


Posté 03 août 2016 - 03:51

Love is the eternal theme of life, none of us is going to find a true love. So there are things called eternal love does not?
Perhaps no eternal love that only eternal moments of love. Nothing is forever, very short life, each of us need to appreciate, loved every moment we have. It is too conscious to exist in eternal love or not, but instead hard life, love deep. Everyone found their own half, if they want to love and be loved. 3 to find the right man for himself worthy to call love. First person who you love the most, that's lover 2nd and 3rd person you most is your companion throughout life. When you really love someone, you must accept that those who belong to it, including defects. No person is absolute, there is no perfect person. Lunch main compensating each other, the lack of compensation for the missing person of the other couple just done comprehensively. Love is going through challenges, challenges against time to prove his faith in love. Away, the place where other people still swear appointment, still speak to each other for 2 years, 3 years without resentment coal, half of the desired two reunion together. It really is true love. This time to wait together for a long time is a very rare outcome, by saying that a road, and do another. The real lovers, and they will simply accept it apart by the intense belief in love, by warmth or affection that is too large for one another. What is love? At this point you really have your answer yet? Who then also wants to find his true half, it is important to you, the belief in true love, the beauty of love. But more important is to really understand each other, accept each other and offset. To feel the taste of love, let alone a picture to look at and think, a  love wallpaper will bring you the sweet feeling and warmth every time watching.

The heart symbolizes love and giving someone a heart as a way gave his life for all recipients. Red heart being struck by Cupid's arrow is a traditional symbol of Valentine's Day. The heart symbolizes love and giving someone a heart as a way gave his life for all recipients. A heart pierced by Cupid's arrow means when someone consecrated heart, the person at risk of being rejected and felt hurt. Therefore arrowheads symbolize the death and injury of love. However, some people also believe that the hearts and arrows to symbolize of two lovers.
Around the 12th century, people did not realize that  the heart is to circulate the blood in the human body. What they know is the heart started beating faster when people anxious or agitated. Stemming from that, the heart place to contain emotions and feelings. The poet had too praised the role of the heart in the feelings of love and romance, and through the years, they made people believe that the connection between heart and love becomes deeper in the mind human mind. Today, even though scientists have proved that emotions come from the brain, the heart remains a powerful symbol of love and Valentine's Day.
As a symbol of love, so it can also be used to express the feelings of a person to the other or simply to see and feel the beauty of love. A heart wallpaper can bring you both, you've tried?

The combination between colors and a little abstract art will make beautiful photos and artistic. If you use such images to decorate for Windows, will surely make your desktop become more beautiful.
With the color blocks blend together style abstract art and do not have an order that will make the image "alternative" but equally unique and interesting.
And if you are an art lover, like the unique alternative image or simply want to decorate your desktop on Windows becomes brighter and more vivid,
Choose the beautiful images as wallpaper on the computer so that you get the new experience for their welding systems. Screen 'computers will no longer monotonous anymore, which will become more vivid, symbolic window that is so characteristic of the operating system and stylized window a very creative way to make your computer should less boring. Please refresh your computer with a window desktop wallpaper .

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