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Game Crash After Receiving Quest Reward / Crash Après Récompense

Daggerfall crash bug

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#26 veterantval


Posté 12 décembre 2014 - 21:48

Bonjour à tous.

Tout d'abord, un grand merci pour le travail effectué qui nous permet de rejouer dans de meilleurs conditions à ce jeu magique.

Je vous fait part d'un bug similaire à celui indiqué plus haut.

J'ai eu un bug il y a quelques mois lorsque j'ai voulu rendre une quête à un marchand. Cette quête était de voler un poignard dans un magasin et de le ramener au marchand qui avait donné la quête. Et là, impossible de le rendre au donneur de quête, ni au propriétaire du poignard qui m'a fait savoir par un message qu'il souhaitait le récupérer sous peine d'ennui.

Lorque j'essaye de leur parler, c'est comme si il n'y avait eu aucune quête. (je veut dire par là que je ne peut plus discuter de la quête avec le marchand et le propriétaire).

Pire encore, impossible de participer à une autre quête!

J'ai essayé d'utiliser le Fixsave pour réparer la sauvegarde, mais cela n'a pas fonctionné.

Les conditions de ce bug:
- Je pense (mais je ne suis pas complètement sûr) que j'avais depassé la limite de temps.

- pour la date, impossible de savoir car après ça j'ai pas mal trainé dans Daggerfall à la recherche d'autres quêtes.

- Je n'avais pas encore commençé la quête principal.

J'espère que ces maigres informations permettront de vous aider à résoudre ce bug.

Bonne soirée.

#27 darkblade_vii


Posté 13 janvier 2015 - 07:39

Hi all, I have played many, many hours of Daggerfall installed with DaggerfallSetup (English) and I have never encountered this bug.

I used to play Daggerfall on a Windows XP Home computer and since then I run it on Windows 7 Home Premium. Daggerfall.exe, Fixsave.exe and EyeOfArgonia.exe are all run under Windows Comptibility Mode XP SP3 and I always install to C:\Games to avoid UAC problems.

I install all the Unofficial Fixes except for:
FixedQuests by Donald Tipdon
Q0C00Y03 Fix by GhanBuriGhan
DagSkills 0.96 by Ferital & Daneel53

I do not install any Unofficial Quest Packs.

I do use EyeOfArgonia.

I hope this information helps.

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#28 wearyoldman


Posté 01 mars 2021 - 22:21

TLDR: Test if DOS Extender and Z.CFG fixes might interact to cause memory related game crashes.

Sorry to resurrect this ancient thread, but I was directed here from the DaggerfallSetup page and a thread on UESP.NET.  Have you all considered that this might be a memory issue (or memory leak) due to one of the mods, Daggerfall itself, or DOSBox itself?  As some background, I just installed DaggerfallSetup, and was trying to get it to run with my standard DOSBox configuration, which I use to play other games as well, and the game kept crashing, giving me illegal write and read errors moments before doing so.  The only reason I saw these errors was because I wasn't using the shortcut provided by DaggerSetup, and they only appeared momentarily in the DOSBox Status Window.  When I looked these errors up, I was referred to this quest crash error, which apparently produces similar errors.

Turns out that the crashes I experienced were related to the [dosbox] memsize=## settings.  The DOSBox default is 16 megs, and the authors suggest keeping it there, so I've never bothered to change it.  DOSBox provides a warning if it's set above 31 megs, and sets the ram to 63 megs maximum.  DaggerfallSetup's DosBox.cfg has [dosbox] memsize=64 megs.  I was unable to get the game running when I set [dosbox] memsize=32 with just the unofficial fixes installed, so something seems to be causing the game to soak up tons of emulated memory.  I was able to get Daggerfall to start when I set [dosbox] memsize=64.

If the game is running on the border of the maximum memory settings, it seems reasonable that updating character information, e.g. updating quests, and keeping all that in memory as the character progresses might cause the game to crash.  I imagine given how buggy the game is inherently that it's probably really poor at managing it's memory even without community fixes.  This also might explain why the bugs aren't tied to one particular quest and difficult to pin down, or seemingly more common with longer play times as character information piles up.  One would think with an old DOS game, you wouldn't need more than 16 or 24 megs.  The minimum requirements for Daggerfall are 8 megs of RAM, from what I looked up.

So I tested some memory related hypotheses, so see if anything was out of the ordinary.  I fixed [dosbox] memsize=16, which is the DOSBox default and double the minimum system requirements, and made a number of different installations trying to pin down if any addons were memory hogs, by seeing if the game crashed on load or if could start a new game.  Remember my game crashed at 32 megs with all the unofficial fixes installed, and my initial tests are run with 16 megs.

0.  All 14 unofficial fixes:  CRASH
1.  Only official patches, no unofficial fixes:  STARTS

2.  First seven unofficial fixes:  STARTS
3.  Last seven unofficial fixes:  CRASH
- POLITIC.PAK, DagSkills, Hackfall, Daggerfall Graphics Fix, Waycrest Dark Elves, DOS Extender, Z.CFG

4.  First 10 unofficial fixes: STARTS
5.  Last four unofficial fixes: CRASH
- Daggerfall Graphics Fix, Waycrest Dark Elves, DOS Extender, Z.CFG

6.  First 12 unofficial fixes: STARTS
7.  Last two unofficial fixes: CRASH
- DOS Extender, Z.CFG

8.  DOS Extender Only:  STARTS
9.  Z.CFG Only: STARTS

10.  First 12 unofficial fixes + DOS Extender: STARTS
11.  First 12 unofficial fixes + Z.CFG: STARTS

So it appears there's a possible memory issue when both the DOS Extender and the Z.CFG tweaks are installed.

Next I wanted to test if it was a particular Z.CFG line, and if the effect was additive or interactive.  The only setting that differs between the default Z.CFG and the one installed with the DaggerfallSetup Z.CFG tweak are two lines:

texturememory 20000
objmemsize 20000

For the next set of tests, I kept [dosbox] memsize=16, and removed just one of the two changes Z.CFG lines:

12.  All 14 unofficial fixes, minus texturememory 20000:  CRASH
13.  All 14 unofficial fixes, minus objmemsize 20000:  CRASH

So, if any memory change is made to the Z.CFG file while the DOS Extender is installed, the game crashes with 16 megs of RAM.  But, if either Z.CFG or the DOS Extender are installed, but not both, the game starts.

Next I lowered the memory to [dosbox] memsize=8, which is the minimum needed for the game to run and ran additional installations, to see if the DOS Extender or the Z.CFG fixes caused more of an issue independently:

14.  First 12 unofficial fixes + DOS Extender: CRASH
15.  First 12 unofficial fixes + Z.CFG: STARTS
16.  DOS Extender Only: CRASH

So, the DOS Extender seems to be the bigger culprit and crashes the game at 8 megs of RAM.  The Z.CFG doesn't seem to have as much of an effect.

Next, I increased the memory to [dosbox] memsize=32 to see if I could add back one of the Z.CFG tweaks, or if both could be added without the other 12 fixes:

17.  DOS Extender and Z.CFG: CRASH
18.  DOS Extender and Z.CFG, minus texturememory 20000: STARTS
19.  DOS Extender and Z.CFG, minus objmemsize 20000: STARTS

So now that I've upped the memory again, you can have one of the Z.CFG tweak lines, but not both.  The other 12 fixes don't seem to affect memory much.

Finally I wanted to see how many megs of ram it takes to get the game started running both the DOS Extender and Z.CFG tweaks, as well as if the game would load with DOS Extender with 12 Megs of RAM

Set [dosbox] memsize=40
20.  DOS Extender and Z.CFG: CRASH

Set [dosbox] memsize=48
21.  DOS Extender and Z.CFG: STARTS

Set [dosbox] memsize=12
22.  DOS Extender: STARTS

So it takes around 48 megs of RAM to start the game with both tweaks installed.  You need at least 12 just to run the DOS Extender.  The effects appear to be interactive, since the game starts with just Z.CFG installed at 8 Megs and just DOS Extender at 12 Megs, but you need 48 Megs for the game to start with both of them installed.

To summarize, DaggerfallSetup requires an unusually large amount of DOSBox RAM to start, and I couldn't get my game to start without setting memory very high, so I hypothesized that a memory issue might also be causing people's games to crash.  I can't test this directly, since I'm only just starting to play the game, and won't be able to play often, but it seems reasonable to test this out with folks that have had the error.  For those experiencing crashes, perhaps try re-installing and playing without the DOS Extender and Z.CFG tweaks.  At the least, this seems like a promising avenue to explore.

To summarize the tests:

[dosbox] memsize=64
- The game starts with both DOS Extender and Z.CFG fixes installed

[dosbox] memsize=48
- The game starts with both DOS Extender and Z.CFG fixes installed

[dosbox] memsize=40
- The game crashes when both DOS Extender and Z.CFG are installed

[dosbox] memsize=32
- The game crashes when both DOS Extender and Z.CFG are installed
- The game starts when DOS Extender and either - but not both of - the texturememory 20000 or objmemsize 20000 lines are added to the Z.CFG file

[dosbox] memsize=16 (DOSBox Recommended)
- The game crashes when both DOS Extender and Z.CFG are installed
- The game crashes when DOS Extender and either one of the Z.CFG memory lines are added
- The game starts if either - but not both - DOS Extender or Z.CFG are installed

[dosbox] memsize=12
- The game starts if either - but not both - DOS Extender or Z.CFG are installed

[dosbox] memsize=8 (Daggerfall Minimum System Requirements)
- The game crashes when DOS Extender is installed
- The game starts when Z.CFG is installed

Again, the effects appear to be interactive, e.g., 48 megs to run both the DOS Extender and Z.CFG, but just 8 megs for the game to start with the Z.CFG tweaks and 12 megs with just the DOS Extender.  Of of the two memory related intensive fixes, DOS Extender seems to take up more.

Anyway, I hope this helps you all isolate the crash bug.

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#29 Elenwel


    Granny Smith Wiwi

Posté 02 mars 2021 - 09:05

Wow... Thanks a lot for the info and for the bug tracking job !

I'm not quite sure what can be done to fix the real issue (except from increasing dosbox memory limit). As you said, Daggerfall code is quite...hum... old and buggy :) To track and correct a memory leak issue in a compiled soft is a hard work and even if we pinpoint a buggy function we will have to release a binary patch. Honestly I'm not sure that this will be done in a foreseeable future. Most of the remaining folks toying with Dagerfall's internals are working on Dagerfall Unity to document (or re document :D ) some obscure internals, or to finalize DagerfallUnity translation system (Daneel is working on a PFD patch for unity).

But once again, thanks for the hard work, it's amazing to see folks still looking into this game in 2021 :)

Voir le messageD.A.D., le 29 avril 2013 - 21:21, dit :

Un avertissement d'Elenwel, c'est un avertissement qui en vaut deux : si tu n'en tiens pas compte, c'est toujours pour TA pomme, et en général, il ne fait pas de quartier. Mieux vaut éviter les pépins, ça empêche d'y laisser sa peau.

#30 wearyoldman


Posté 02 mars 2021 - 15:44

No problem, hopefully this helps others too.  I know what I did doesn't solve the in game quest crash issue per se, but it certainly does seem more than suspicious that the DOS extender and Z.CFG addons together use up so much memory just to start the game.  It would make sense that those memory issues would only get worse at people play the game for longer and longer periods of time, eventually leading to a game crash.

I'll have to look up DaggerfallUnity.  I'm a big fan of these rebuilds and source ports.  I also think it's particularly important to keep the DOS games running smoothly, too.  The DOS environment is relatively easy to emulate, so in that sense, it has a lot of future potential.  Heck, it's easier to play old DOS games than many Win95/98/XP games.

Thank you all for continuing to work on DaggerfallSetup.  It really does make the game more enjoyable and accessible to those who otherwise wouldn't try it.

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